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Photo of Rob Bell
Photo Credit: David Tosti

Rob Bell

Rob Bell is a New York Times bestselling author, international speaker, and podcaster. His books include Love Wins and the forthcoming What Is the Bible?, and he was profiled in Time magazine as one of 2011’s hundred most influential people. He spoke on Oprah Winfrey’s The Life You Want tour, and iTunes named his podcast, The RobCast, Best of 2015. He and his wife, Kristen, have three children.

Photo of Barbara Brown Taylor
Photo Credit: Kenny Simmons

Barbara Brown Taylor

Time says, “Few souls are as synched to the world’s mysteries as Barbara Brown Taylor.” The New York Times bestselling author of fourteen books, including Learning to Walk in the Dark, An Altar in the World, and Leaving Church, Taylor is also the Butman Professor of Religion at Piedmont College, where she has taught since 1998. She speaks around the country and lives on a working farm in rural northeast Georgia with her husband Ed.

Photo of N. T. Wright
Photo Credit: Ken Sharp

N.T. Wright

N. T. Wright is an Anglican bishop and is “the world’s leading New Testament scholar,” according to Newsweek. Now serving as the Chair of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of St. Andrews’s School of Divinity, he previously taught New Testament studies at Cambridge, McGill, and Oxford Universities. Wright is the award-winning author of many books including The Day the Revolution Began and Simply Christian.

Photo of Rachel Held Evans
Photo Credit: Maki Garcia Evans

Rachel Held Evans

A New York Times bestselling author, Rachel Held Evans writes about faith, doubt, and life in the Bible Belt. Her books include Searching for Sunday, and her blog has become a renowned online hub for conversations about Christianity and culture. She speaks around the country at conferences, seminars, and churches, and lives with her husband, Dan, and son, Henry, in Dayton, Tennessee—home of the famous Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925.

Photo of Diana Butler Bass
Photo Credit: Richard Bass

Diana Butler Bass

Holding a Ph.D. in religious studies from Duke University, Diana Butler Bass is the author of nine books on American religion, including Grounded: Finding God in the World—A Spiritual Revolution. She has taught at the college and graduate levels, and she is currently an independent scholar. She blogs for the Huffington Post and the Washington Post on issues of religion, spirituality, and culture. Bass is a popular speaker at conferences, colleges and universities, and churches across North America.

Photo of Dr. Larycia Hawkins
Photo Credit: Charlie Simokaitis

Larycia Hawkins

Thrust into the national spotlight in late 2015, Larycia Hawkins was at the center of controversy at Wheaton College, ignited by her decision to wear a hijab in solidarity with Muslims. She eventually left her tenured position as Associate Professor of Politics and International Relations at Wheaton, but the incident marked her as a progressive Christian thinker to watch. It also resulted in a lengthy profile in The New York Times Magazine. She is currently the Abd el-Kader Visiting Faculty Fellow at the University of Virginia’s Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture and is working on a book about embodied spirituality to be published with HarperOne.